Converting PSD to HTML

What is PSD?

PSD is an acronym for PhotoShop Document. PhotoShop is one of the best known software programs used for image editing purposes. One can effectively use PSD in editing photos, creating unique designs using the layered approach and successfully saving the designs in numerous patented formats.

The default file format for PhotoShop is .psd. Web designers firstly create their designs in the PhotoShop software and then convert it into HTML format. Mostly designers refrain from handling the conversion jobs and assign the work to coding experts. What is HTML?

HTML is the short form for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is one of the most popular coding language that is used for creating web pages. This coding language utilizes the preset tags in its operations. If there is a need to convert PSD file to HTML, then there is a constant use of the HTML tags which is used frequently. Among the many versions of HTML to convert the design files to HTML one should only make the use of the latest version of HTML to ensure the highest level of compatibility in the task. The latest version of HTML is HTML5 presently.

Web design is a highly creative process and if one is to start coding directly, one might lose the creativity and the aesthetic appeal in the process. Moreover, it is difficult to see where one is going when one doesn’t have a graphic representation of the design.

Converting PSD to HTML

There are many options to convert PSD to HTML. It is essential to study the options to convert PSD into HTML. The two are Self Coding and Automated Tools.


If you are the one who is keen to look up to a little bit of coding then one can try coding the HTML page themselves. It is the first approach which is certainly going to need some technical skills to accomplish the task. Even is the person is not fully trained in HTML coding, he can at least try the HTML tags to convert the file.

Automated Tools

If mastering HTML coding is not understandable to anyone they can recourse to automated PSD to HTML conversion tools for Converting PSD to HTML. Though these types of conversion tools do pretty decent job, one cannot expect pixel-perfect conversions in these. If one is fine with a little compromise on the quality then automated PSD conversion tool is just an ideal option.